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I love technology and helping technology companies succeed.

As a lawyer with an IT background and a passion for technology, I am better able to understand the needs of my technology business clients and help them continue to grow and avoid pitfalls along the way.

I’ve studied and have experience in programming, web development, hardware configuration and maintenance, database design, networking, computer security, and a number of other technological areas. Why does any of this matter to a company choosing a lawyer? It matters because technology companies have concerns that aren’t typical for many small businesses, and having a lawyer that understands what you do helps you get better results and be better protected. Technology companies face IP concerns, unique employee concerns, licensing matters, or privacy issues and are subtle and better understood by a lawyer that really knows your business.

Some of the areas in which I've helped clients include web development, graphic design, technology training, and software licensing, as well as general corporate commercial work such as employment agreements and corporate maintenance from a technology perspective.

Whether you need a lawyer right now or not, I’d welcome the chance for us to get together and talk about your business, with no obligation or charge. Contact me any time if you would like to do this.