Buy or Sell a Business

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Business sales and purchases are some of the most complex transactions that business owners engage in. It's not as simple as cutting a cheque and exchanging a key. I help business owners navigate these transactions and avoid common pitfalls.

Buying a Business

Businesses are complex and there are many angles to cover when you purchase a business, including:

  • Negotiating the right price
  • Researching the business and obtaining an accurate picture of its status
  • Choosing whether to buy the assets or shares of a company
  • Creating the purchase contract to protect you from surprises
  • Making sure that any debts of the business are paid
  • Complying with the law so that you don't become responsible for past debts and liabilities
  • Documenting the sale and addressing potential future problems
  • Filing the right documents with the government and organizing your new company

Whether you're just thinking about buying a business, or have already signed an agreement, call me to discuss the process and learn how you can navigate your purchase successfully and reduce unwanted surprises.

Selling a Business

Selling a business involves much more than receiving a cheque and handing over the keys. Making sure all the terms of the sale are clear and then reflecting those terms in the agreement of purchase and sale are the first steps towards a smooth transaction. I help my clients from first negotiation beyond final closing and to the after closing wrap-up. Whether you're thinking of selling your business, or already have a buyer and need to take the next step, call me to discuss how I can help you sell your business efficiently.